“It is no exaggeration to say that Emma has had a real and noticeable impact on me and my life. She has helped me begin to understand how my mind works, how my past has affected me in so many ways and how I can try to approach my future. Emma has helped me connect dots I didn’t even know may be connected.

I had never seen a therapist before and was worried at first about what it would be like. Emma challenged me and my expectations from the outset, which threw me off initially and made me a bit uncertain, but really paid off in the long run. I would hand on heart recommend Emma to others looking for an excellent therapist.”


“Emma has been very helpful bringing some internal issues to the forefront. It has not been an easy process but her perseverance has kept me engaged and stimulated me to push through it. I now have a better understanding of myself and feel something has changed in me that I want to continue developing.”

I would recommend Emma to all my friends and acquaintances if they were looking for a therapist. “

– Jack

“I was nervous at my first meeting with Emma. However by the end of that first session, I realised that Emma was someone that I could work with. She put me at ease and was easy to talk to.
Emma has helped me so much. I’ve been able to move forward with things in my life that I never would have been able to achieve without her help and dedication to me as a client. I will always be indebted to her!”

– Lisa

“Staying true to her desire to help others, Emma combines her years of experience working in Human Resources Management, together with her professional training as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, and Relational Psychotherapist to facilitate wholeness and transformation of the self.

Emma tailors her therapy to meet individual needs and provides a safe, secure, confidential and supportive environment to successfully facilitate transformation, helping her clients to experience that sense of awareness and freedom to make life choices.

I found Emma’s’ skill and professionalism exceptional. She ensures you have the space to work through things, whilst at the same time giving you a feeling of safety and security. I highly recommend Emma as a therapist.”

– Marcia


“I came to Emma with a history of a husband who had died 5 years previously in tragic circumstances.
I still had unresolved feelings of guilt surrounding his death. I was also having difficulties moving on with a new partner and difficulties with my grown children who had become very unhappy that I was moving on with life and felt they were being ‘ousted’.
I found I could confide totally in Emma and she was very supportive. She helped me see that certain issues were the responsibility of others not mine. I had lost ‘me’ in all the tragedy and had lost my ‘voice’. With Emma’s support and direction I learnt to see issues from others prospective. I also learnt how I might best manage people close to me. I ‘learnt’ it was acceptable to draw boundaries and that I was entitled to a happy life. My relationship with my grown children is now far better in fact we’re happy again. My relationship with my partner is progressing and I am now much more vocal about how I feel and what I want. I no longer feel ‘downtrodden’ and I feel stronger to deal with any issues that arise.
I’m very pleased with the secure and trusting relationship I built up with Emma and the great support I received from her.”

– Patsy


“During a very difficult moment in my adult life,  I found Emma online at the counselling directory and read up on her qualifications and reviews.

Emma made it very comfortable to access and discuss my emotions, insecurities and areas of my personality I wasn’t comfortable or happy with during a breakdown in a relationship.

Emma was firm, fair, great at listening and professional at all times. I found the entire process a huge release from day to day stress as well a period of a breakdown in a relationship.

I would recommend Emma to anyone going through any kind of difficulty to engage in her therapy.”

– James